Osprey 360 Pro Stunt Tattoo Scooter Item code: TY5182

Osprey 360 Pro Stunt Tattoo Scooter

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Product Features:
  • Aluminium handlebars, down tube & aluminium deck
  • Black grip tape with Tattoo print
  • Aluminium brake & 3 bolt anodised head clamp
  • 100mm PU wheels with aluminium core & ABEC-7 chrome bearings
  • Style: Tattoo


The Osprey 360° Pro Stunt Scooter is a sure-fire way for kids to get inspired to ride the street s with a vengeance. The intricate tattoo design features a cracked, fanged skull shrouded in flames and with a serpent coiled around and is even inked onto upside of the deck!

The ‘360° Pro Tattoo’s red wheels have been fitted with ABEC-7 chrome bearings for a smoother, quicker ride. The Tattoo decorated aluminium down tube and handlebars have been fitted with rubber hand grips to improve comfort and ensure greater control. In addition, a tough aluminium brake has been fitted so that kids can execute tail whips and stall tricks.

Thanks to its 360° handlebars, rear break and lightweight frame, the Osprey ‘360° Pro Stunt Scooter’ is capable of all manner of spins, slides and whips. And its Tattoo design looks damn cool to boot!

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